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This online site is an extension of BullHead the magazine that I stopped producing several years ago for several reasons, mainly the usual: time and money. Now that I'm retired, I have the time, though less money. I am not a fan of online literature since most of what I've seen is merely print lit reproduced to read on a screen. I like books, real books, books that can be held in hand, felt, touched, written on, folded, bent, crushed, burned, put on a shelf to be read another day, any day, anywhere. But. Here I am, and there are books available online. BullHead books are print books, made by hand, usually costing $10 plus shipping. And BullHead books are available as pdf files to be downloaded, for free.

If you are familiar with BullHead books and what to submit work to be posted online and perhaps a print book as well, keep this in mind: the work should be a book, not just a collection; if only for online, then it should not just be a copy of the typescript but should take advantage of the capabilities of the electric medium: color text, linking text, graphics. If in doubt about what I mean, I suggest a visit to Karl Young's Light and Dust website as well as a look at the BullHead books that I have posted, linked to the main page: Books.

Book reviews are welcome. Contact : jnapora17@gmail.com

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