Spring: HEARTS

Day 1: Ace

Around here everyone acts like nothing’s changed.

-Bruce Springsteen, “Nothing Man”

Day 14: King

The heart of the multitude was one

and their soul was one … .

- Christian Bible Acts 4:32, 34-35

Day 26: Queen

James Dean went out to Hollywood

And put his picture in a Picture Show.

- John Prine, “Picture Show”

Day 37: Jack

I can tell you one thing Jack

You listen when your stomach speaks.

- Jesse Winchester, “Payday”

Day 47: 10

And on the distant waves sail countless ships,

And anthems in new tongues I hear saluting me.

- Walt Whitman, “Prayer of Columbus”

Day 56: 9

Wild trout, unlike men, will not—indeed cannot—

live except where beauty dwells….

-John Voelker, Dark Waters Dancing to a Breeze

Day 64: 8

… and at seventy I could give my heart and mind free rein

without overstepping the mark.

-Confucius, The Analects

Day 71: 7

Dance tiptoe, bull, black against may

-Basil Bunting, Briggflatts

Day 77: 6

For the heart whose woes are legion.

-Edgar Allen Poe, “Dream-Land”

Day 82: 5

By light! But what is light?

- Nikola Tesla, “The Action of the Eye”

Day 86: 4

The entire Universe is the erotic imagination materialized:

Her Hologram. Orgasm is confirmation that Life Enjoys Itself. Barbara Mor, "Clitorially".

Day 89: 3

The prince told the Lord that without his dog,

he would forsake even heaven.

-Deborah Byrd, earthsky.org

Day 91: Deuce

Dead men are heavier than broken hearts.