Day 183: Ace

I think of the [Grand] Canyon as first of all

an exercise for the intelligence.

-Haniel Long, Piñon Country

Day 196: King

(we have crossed the river, another time has been

established, the obol has been paid)

-Julio Cortázar, “Around the Piano with Thelonius Monk”

Day 208: Queen

“No player can be greater than the game itself.”

-Enrico Baj, quoted by Jean Baudrillard

Day 219: Jack

We live by the urgent wave / of the verse

-Lorine Niedecker, “Paean to Place”

Day 229: 10

One day you will cross your final river

carrying your heart in one hand/

a feather in the other.

-Ann Filemyr, “Rapture of the Embodied”

Day 238: 9

There is no frigate like a book…!

- Emily Dickinson

Day 246: 8

… and a distribution was made to each

in accordance with his need.

- Christian Bible, Acts 4:32, 34-435

Day 253: 7

The art of writing and drawing in books hovers

on a fine edge between subversion and a gesture of honor.

-Rosa Scobey Moore, “Finding Identity in the Endpaper”

Day 259:  6

From the window one looks down at a persimmon tree

A place suited for reading Melville’s Moby Dick.

-Nishiwaki Junzaburō, “The Third Myth”

Day 264: 5

The reader need not comment directly on the text

to be aligned with it.

-Rosa Scobey Moore, “Finding Identity on the Endpapers”

Day 268: 4

All I try to do for people is to re-invoke the sheer wonder

that they perceive anything at all!

-Robert Irwin, Seeing is the name of the thing one sees

Day 271: 3

…the awakened man is banished from the realm of certitude; he is, as Melville says, a sensibility that suffers, he is what the Mississippi is carrying, what is born by the river: poetry itself.

-Victor-Levy Beaulieu, Monsieur Melville, Vol. 3: After Moby-Dick, The Reign of Poetry

Day 273: Deuce

We are digging the pit of Babel.

-Franz Kafka, “The Pit of Babel”