Summer: CLUBS

Day 92: Ace

Never heard the camels scream.

-Maggie Jaffe, “Reelpolitik”

Day 105: King

Well, I survived, and I think that’s enough.

-Octavio Paz, “The Art of Poetry”

Day 117: Queen

… and not a single one said anything

of what he had was his, but all things

were in common.

         -Christian Bible, Acts 4:32, 34-35

Day 128: Joker

Poets are queer fish who must be allowed

to go their own way.

- Karl Marx, Love and Capital

Day 136: 10

Writers, unlike most people,

tell their best lies alone.

 – Grady Tripp, Wonder Boys

Day 147: 9

This was the Promised Land, and still is

To the persuasive suburban land agent

-Hart Crane, The Bridge

Day 155: 8

Was our prayer so damn unworthy

The Son rejected it?

-Leonard Cohen, “Samson in New Orleans”

Day 162: 7

His heart was as big as an ox’s / heart / as big

as a microwave / he went fizzzzzz

- Michael Basinski, All My Eggs Are Broken

Day 168: 6

   Now I’m going to speak directly.

                   -Kathy Acker, Don Quixote

Day 173: 5

…where the wolves are killed off,

the foxes incrHease.

Herman Melville, The Confidence Man

Day 177: 4

In the old Pueblo world, differences were celebrated

as signs of the Mother Creator’s grace.

-Leslie Silko,“Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit”

Day 180: 3

When the tip of your tongue touches the tip of eternity

you touch death for the first time while alive.

-Nishiwaki JunzaburŌ, “The Third Myth”

Day 182: Deuce

Occurrence, a part

Of an infinite series,

-George Oppen, On Being Numerous