Moscow Mitch Poetry Contest : Suggestions & Digestions for Poets


Can a poem bring down a tyrant? No.

But it can help. All of the damage Trump has done can be laid at the feet of this senator from Kentucky. As horrible a human being as Trump is, he is just a distraction from what McConnell has been doing. 


Never tried writing a poem before? Give it a try. Bumper stickers are poems, or can be. Limericks. Songs. Even “serious” poems that no one but other poets read, that’s okay too. And


Fear Not

Don’t be afraid to write something

that a non-academic poet can understand

Don’t be afraid of “the sweetness of meter and rime”

Don’t be afraid to play the clown

You can be projective

You can be introspective


You can’t dance sitting down

If you write poetry but secretly want to be a rock star

write a song, write something that non-poets

might listen to, write something that might be of use

Don’t be afraid of Muse abuse

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