BullHead   Books

BullHead Books are all limited editions of 25 copies published for poets to share with friends. More copies will be made available upon request. The usual price is $10 plus postage.

Bob Buckeye : Incoming

Fiction by the author of Living In (essays & reviews) and Not Her Nor Him, novellas, both available from Spuyten Duyvil.

A pdf free copy of Incoming by clicking on the paperclip. A print copy, hand sewn, 16 pages, for $10 plus shipping.

Chris Barron : Poems

Poems by Chris Barron. A pdf free copy by clicking on the paperclip. Chris daily posts poems and essays on Facebook, often the only thing worth reading. A print copy, hand sewn, 12 pages, for $10 plus shipping.

Jack Clarke : Sonnets for the New Year

Selected by Michael Boughn from the John Clarke Archives of Buffalo University. A pdf copy for free, a hand sewn 16 page print copy for $10 plus shipping.

Barbara Mor : Earth Letter One

The first of many letters planned. This one annotated and with recollections by Barbara of time spent with Meridel Le Sueur in 1985 when  Barbara was living in Bisbee, Arizona. Free pdf copy, sewn print copy of 24 pages, $10 plus shipping.

Joe Naopra : Dirt Tracks

Poems and graphics, the river mud from receding waters of the Ohio River. Pdf free. Print copy, sewn, 24 pages, $10 plus shipping.

Phil St. Clair : Phantom Limb

Print copy, sewn, 24 pages, $10 plus shipping. Available in free pdf copy.

Ken Warren : Nowhere Man

PDF copy only. A more complete collection of Ken's poetry is available from Thomas Rain Crowe's New Native Press, the anthology 

Generations A Centenary of American Poets

For a new and more complete edition of Ken's poems, go HERE.

Michael Boughn : The Book of Uncertain

A pdf copy that can be printed as a booklet,  free, a hand sewn 16 page print copy for $10 plus shipping. 

Stephen Ellis : Select

A pdf copy for free, a hard copy for $10 plus shipping. Stephen Ellis' Select.

Bob Arnold : Lunatic Drawings

The complete Lunatic Drawings is available online through Dispatches from the Poetry Wars. The complete print collection is available from Longhouse : PO Box 2454 / West Brattleboro, Vermont o5303. A small selection is yours for free: click on the paperclip for a pdf version. The print version: hand sewn copy, 16 pages, for $10 plus shipping

TO BUILD A CABIN: from Tanzania to Tennessee : Joe Napora & Erek Napora

An Ibook, needs an Apple product, computer, Iphone etc. It's free. A short excerpt at the icon.

Edwin Pendarvis : Black Hours

Free pdf. Print: Contact the author : Pendarvis@marshall.edu

NukeEchoes Part 1 of 5: Nuclear & Unclear by Joe Napora

Free pdf. Print: $10 + Shipping


a poem

Chris Barron

No charge except $3 Shipping

or Free pdf

Free pdf. Print: $10 + Shipping

Rum Jungle by Christine Barron
available in pdf booklet form for free
and in paper for $10
from BullHead Books.
Only 30 copies published.

Other Books by Christine Barron

Dan Giancola's Exit Strategy

The publisher would like to thank the poet

for writing poems that quicken the mind in

the manner of William Blake’s Songs of

Innocence and Experience.

30 copies. Pdf file booklet for free.
Available now only in pdf format
but in print soon.

A detailed examination of William Carlos Williams' most well known and least understood poem. Free pdf that can be printed as a booklet.

Four From the 80s, the 
Central America Wars
Bloom Blood, Man in Managua, Terra / Terror, and The Line
Robert Podgurski : Intersecting Visions / Vision Intersects
bobpod cover.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 10.10.19 AM.pn
The Moscow Mitch Poetry
Sing-a-Long Handbook
The Gorge of Desire

The Gorge of Desire, written in 1991, provoked by George Bush's war on Iraq, changed in 2020 with the addition of Notes and Graphics, is presented as a book against Empire & a homage of sorts to William Blake.

A celebration of book art and artists : 11 images & poems by Joe Napora. For more  go to Book Art Broadsides.
Porch Poems