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Talking Prints


Ruth Lingen

Read & Rite 1[for Lee Berstein]
Read & Rite 2 [for John Kelley]
Read & Rite 3 [for Zachary & Luca Napora]
Read & Rite 4 [for Gable Napora]
Read & Rite 5 [for Ruth Lingen]
Read & Rite 6 [for the Schmidlapp kids] 
Read & Rite 7 [for Pati Scobey] 
Read & Rite 8 [for Walter Tisdale] 
Read & Rite 9 [for Tim Moore]
Read & Write 10 [for Karl Young]
Read & Write 11[for Meridel Le Sueur]
Inspired by the collection of photographs called On Looking by André Kertész and by the artist friends who had gathered together for Talking Prints, the February 21, 2020 presentation by Ruth Lingen of contemporary printmaking featuring works from the collection of the Chazen Museum of Art, I wrote these eleven poems to accompany images celebrating the simple yet profound art of reading a book.
The title of Ruth's presentation reminded me of my first encounter with the photographs of André Kertész :
   I discovered André Kertész’ photo collection On Reading one afternoon in a semi-truck full of remaindered Penguin books that were donated to the college where I worked. I opened the book and read the brief biography. This statement stood out: “His reception in America, where he moved in 1936, was different if not positively hostile. In New York City, editors told him, “‘Your pictures talk too much.’” As if it isn’t amazing enough that a photograph can talk at all. And a poem printed on a page. Can it too speak?
--Joe Napora